Common Ingredients in Traditional Hawaiian Foods

Hawaiian cuisine has been influenced by the various cultures which have inhabited (or been stationed) parts of the island over the last couple of centuries. Among these influences are Polynesian, Chinese, and American. Elements of each of these have been combined with the foods of traditional peoples to create a wide range of fusion dishes. With such a wide variety, there is something to suit everyone’s preferences. Fans of this food can always opt for Hawaiian catering. Portland, OR has such options available.

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With the different dishes and influences came a variety of ingredients. These ingredients encompass what is now considered traditional Hawaiian foods, although regional food dialects may be slightly different.

Interestingly, Hawaii is one of the largest consumers of the ham product, Spam. (Guam, by the way, is the first). After American troops brought Spam over as part of their military rations, the locals adopted the food into their own cuisine. It is now used for many different dishes. Other types of meat utilize in traditional cuisine include swordfish, marlin, tuna, and beef.

Fruits, vegetables, and nuts make up a sizeable portion of the Hawaiian diet. Among these, coconut and pineapple are the ones most often associated with the island. Other items which are traditionally used include taro, breadfruit, candle nut, Polynesian arrowroot, papaya, banana, pumpkin, winged bean, and jicama. Teriyaki and wasabi sauces are popular.

Like most other places modernly, if one were to visit Hawaii they would also find many other places to eat. American far, Chinese, Italian, and more are commonly seen on the island. So, if you aren’t a fan f this ethnic cuisine, never fear. If you are, you don’t have to travel to Hawaii to get your fill. There are ethnic restaurants in the conjoined states which serve it.