Health Benefits of Pizza!

No, you did not read that title wrong, Pizza can, in fact, be good for you, and not just in moderation! So sit back and enjoy a slice or get pizza carryout richmond va style or make your own as you read this article! First, pizza can fight cancer. Tomatoes and tomato sauce contain lycopene, which can help fight heart disease and prevent cancer when slices are eaten in moderation. So maybe cut that pizza pie up and treat yourself to a few hot slices throughout the week! Sauce and Oregano can also help with vitamin C production in the body and oregano’s main ingredient, carvacrol, can help balance blood sugar and keep the liver healthier. Secondly, what goes on a pizza is beneficial too. Toppings like tomatoes, parmesan cheese, ham, pineapple, and bell peppers can all provide nutritional benefits when eaten. Hawaiian pizza might be the joke of the pizza world, but it might also be the healthiest! With all these veggies and meats, Pizza is also the one food that combines all food groups with fruit, veggies, dairy, meat, grain, and healthy fat all together in one delicious meal. What other food can say that and be delicious! Finally, eating pizza might even make you smarter and happier! Spinach (It’s actually quite good on Pizza) can produce folate, which benefits the brain and slows down things like memory loss. It also produces serotonin, along with pineapple and milk, and can boost your mood and make you happy. With Pizza being very easy to make yourself, and it also allows you to control the things you put in and on it, there is no excuse for not raking in this health benefits with another slice or two… or three… is it rude of me to eat the whole pie?

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