4 Classic Italian Dishes to Make Your Mouth Water

Italian food is a mainstay in popular American culture. It’s delicious, affordable, and there is a wide variety of dishes available. These dishes can be altered and changed in numerous ways while remaining true to their original tastes. If you’re thinking about making Italian food tonight, here are four classic dishes that will make your mouth water. Not up to the challenge of cooking but still want to get your fill of one of these great dishes? There are plenty of Italian restaurant Toms River NJ to choose from. 1: Lasagna Lasagna is a dish made from meat, sauce, and cheese tucked between slices of long, thick pieces of pasta.  Typical cheese includes mozzarella, Romano, ricotta, and parmesan – although others can be included. Many ingredients can be added to the layers of sauce and meat. Onions, peppers, stewed tomatoes, and mushrooms are prime examples. 2: Chicken Alfredo Chicken alfredo is made with fettuccine noodles, slices of grilled chicken, and a thick, creamy alfredo sauce. Alfredo sauce is made with heavy cream, cheese, seasonings, and butter. It is not a thick sauce like you would see in the popular American dish of macaroni and cheese, but rather a thinner sauce that perfectly coats each noodle. 3: Eggplant Parmigiana Eggplant parmigiana is a dish made with breaded eggplant. It is served over noodles in a red sauce, and the eggplant is topped with cheese. A tip: eggplant is a tough vegetable, so to make it softer for this dish, it helps to soak it in lightly salted water. 4: Authentic Meatballs There is nothing more delicious or well-known than authentic Italian meatballs. Made from ground meat, bread crumbs, and seasonings – sometimes including parmesan cheese – they are rolled into balls. These meatballs are served with a wide variety of dishes, but are most often used in spaghetti.

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