Exploring Lobster

In the middle of the 19th century the residents of Boston and New York developed a taste for Lobster and since then the desire for this crustacean has never abated. Lobster occurs in all the oceans. There is European Lobster which is more expensive than American Lobster pound for pound so it seems there’s a taste for lobster across the world. Lobster was not always quite so fancy Before the revolution, the lobster was a food for the poor. Dockworkers went on strike because they didn’t want to eat it more than three times a week. It’s not often we look back at early striking workers and think ‘oh poor them!’ with irony. But in the early days of the canning industry, a lobster of less than 5lbs was thought to be too small to bother with. Lobster was plentiful and not rationed In the Second World War, lobster was one of few things that were not rationed, and so many people developed a taste for it. There were sufficient quantities that is was canned and shipped to American soldiers in Europe. It makes an amusing picture, soldiers in the field tucking into a can of lobster meat. Nowadays lobster = money Lobster can cost as much as $16 per pound depending on the catch in any given year, but it rarely drops below $6 which makes it an expensive dish in a restaurant. In a high-cost year, a restaurant will offer different dishes such as the fried lobster tail atlanta chefs prepare. The goal is to make sure that we don’t lose our taste for the delicacy. Now you know why menus show their lobster dishes ‘at market rate’ because the price fluctuates all the time. Lobster is one of today’s treats and something of a luxury, good thing it wasn’t spam.

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