3 Reasons Why the Way You Display Your Food is Vital

If you run a café, restaurant, bakery, or any other form of eatery, you must ensure your food is properly stored. Temp logs probably run your life while on the clock, but it simply isn’t a viable option to keep all items stored in a back fridge or freezer. Most places prominently feature a neat food service display to help both keep food at optimal temperatures and display them for customers. But why is this so important? 1: Makes It Easy to Show People want to know what they are getting before they purchase, which is a smart move on their behalf. It would be inconvenient – and potentially unsanitary – to run in the back and grab items every time a customer wished to look at it. A display case makes viewing easy. 2: More Visually Appealing & Professional Display cases have the potentially to be incredibly visually appealing. Just step into any bakery, and look at how magnificent their case of pies, cookies, doughnuts, etc. looks. It is also very professional, offering a competitive edge when properly executed. Note, however, that this is highly dependent on how well designed and clean the display is. Cleanliness is of the utmost importance, and smart customers will not purchase if your display case is dirty or dusty. 3: The Stomach Wants What the Eyes See Setting out items for the public eye draws in customers, because it ensures at least some of the are going to want it. The stomach wants what the eyes see, which is a solid explanation behind impulse purchasing. If nobody can see your food products, you may garner a few random sales towards people already knowing what they will purchase. Put it out for all to see, however, and others will easily be drawn in for higher sales potential.

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